Designed & Handmade Exclusively for Bear’s Mill
by four local potters - The Millrace Potters Collective

A line of fully functional stoneware pottery inspired by the old fashioned windows of the Mill. Pieces in this collection can be ordered and will be available on a regular basis. Designed to be used, they are non-toxic, oven-proof, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe. Each handcrafted piece is slightly different and bears the signature of one of the four potters.

*Perfect for wedding gifts and/or those wishing to start a functional collection


This exclusive line of pottery produced by the Millrace Potter Collective is not only functional by also imbues the earthy mood and atmosphere of Bear's Mill itself.


Inspired by the Six over Six windows found throughout the Mill, this collection provides Mill customers with the opportunity to start collecting or start sharing locally made, high quality pottery at an affordable price point.


Visit Bear's Mill to see the entire line and be sure to pre-order if your selected piece isn't on display...these pieces go fast!

To Learn More about the Millrace Potters Collective visit their page right here on our website.


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