The four potters represented through the Millrace Potters Collective are good friends who collaborate in different ways at different times. They share in their love of clay as a creative medium, along with the unique challenges of being potters.

Similarities in glazes and clays occur because the potters share technical information, experimentation, research, labor, and at times, studios. Currently, the clays and glazes here are stoneware, fired in electric kilns. The clay is formed by hand or on a potter’s wheel. The glazes are formulated by the potters and mixed by hand from raw materials.


JULIE CLARK (signature: JClark): Previous owner of Bear’s Mill for 35 years, Julie lives in and continues to maintain a working studio in the barn home adjacent to the mill.


DIONNE MAYHEW (signature: Di): Dionne lives in Versailles, Ohio, and makes pottery part-time in Julie’s studio. She has had connections for years to Julie and Bear’s Mill, and was once the mill's store manager.


RITA WILEY (signature: RWiley): Currently living right down the road from Bear’s Mill. She maintains a studio in her home and works with Julie in the glaze-mixing and firing processes. They have collaborated for more than 35 years. Rita will also maintain a studio in her home near the mill.


(signature: LWray): Born and raised in Troy, Ohio, Loretta currently lives on a farm near New Castle, Indiana, where she maintains a working studio. She has had connections for years to Julie and Bear’s Mill, and was once the mill's store manager. Loretta has shared her studio and soda kiln on her farm with this group of potters many times.


The functional stoneware pieces are ovenproof, non-toxic, dishwasher and and microwave safe. For oven baking,   pre-heat with contents. Avoid dramatic changes of temperature.


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