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The Clark Art Gallery


Our gallery space was re-dedicated in 2015 to honor Terry & Julie Clark, former owners of Bear's Mill whom envisioned, purchased, resurrected and preserved this historic structure for nearly 30 years.

The Clark Gallery plays host to an ever-expanding group of artists whom exemplify the rich heritage of their craft in a variety of mediums. 

Visit the Clark Gallery during our regular business hours and be sure to e check the Bear's Mill Events Section on the Home Page for upcoming exhibit dates and times.

Historic Bears Mill Clark Gallery Image


A new chapter has begun in the Clark Gallery at Bear’s Mill. 


Visitors to The Mill now have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of art with price points for every budget from a growing slate of regional artists.


All purchased art will help sustain the mill, but will also help keep the creative spirit that Julie Clark nurtured throughout the years of mill ownership alive and well.


Art at the mill will be an ever-changing art market with new pieces added as art is sold.  Stop in and enjoy this new chapter at the mill. We think you will like it!



Mary Boettger

Nature inspired pottery & sculpture


Jenny Clark

Nature inspired acrylic paintings


Amy Dillion

Preble Clayworks & Apiary

Nature Inspired Ceramics

Debbie Gregory

Wildlife and Landscapes

Acrylic and Oil


John and Peggy Hickman

c/o Michelle Hickman

Unique Gem & Mineral Jewelry

Sally Hughes

Flowers, landscapes, everyday items.

Oil, gouache and acrylic

John Kiser

Bird Paintings


Millrace Potters

Modern Pottery

Julie Clark, Dionne Mayhew, Rita Wiley

Janice Reifsnider

Floral Paintings


Jean Selanders
Color and nature inspired pastels

Ryan L.Taylor
Wildlife, Nature, Landscapes

Barry Todd

Master Wood Craftsman

Shirley Wenning
Floral Art
Alcohol Ink

Art at the Mill


The potters represented through the Millrace Potters Collective are good friends who collaborate in different ways at different times. They share in their love of clay as a creative medium, along with the unique challenges of being potters.

Similarities in glazes and clays occur because the potters share technical information, experimentation, research, labor, and at times, studios. Currently, the clays and glazes here are stoneware, fired in electric kilns. The clay is formed by hand or on a potter’s wheel. The glazes are formulated by the potters and mixed by hand from raw materials.

Millrace Potters Collective
Millrace Potters
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